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A Privacy Policy

Ryoun Logistics Inc. (following we) came recognizing the weight of the social responsibility as "Integrated distribution industry" to answer all the customer's requests, and beforehand as much as possible to manage individual information properly. This time, the law concerning protection of individual information and other standards were observed, suitable system for our corporate philosophy and activities was mai- ntained, and "Protection of individual information policy" was provided here. Our company provides the internal rule concerning individual information based on this policy, and informs the employee.

  1. Our company will construct the protection of individual information management system to observe the indicator that the law and the country concerning protection of individual information provide and other standards, etc. for individual information handled in all businesses and individual information of the employed person etc. , and operate it appropriately.
  2. When individual information is acquired, and it uses and it offers it, our company takescare of appropriately noting the following respect. (It is included not to handle individual information that exceeds a range necessary for achieving the specified purpose of use and to lecture on the measures for that. )
    (1))1 will acquire individual information acquired in the document etc. directly properly after the purpose of use is specified for the person in question before it acquires it, and agreement is gotten. Moreover, I will use individual information after it acquires it within the range of the purpose of use specified when acquiring it.
    (2) When individual information is used exceeding the range of the purpose of use specified when acquiring it, I will assume that it obtains the person in question's agreement beforehand.
    (3) It takes care of within the range decided by the contract with the consignment origin though individual information acquired excluding the document etc. is kept directly from the consignment origin sending out on business of the commodity etc.
    (4) 1 will do neither sharing person in question's individual information nor the offer to the third party, except when it wins consent from the person in question befo- rehand or there are there is a special providing in the law etc. and other, right reason.
    (5)When individual information is consigned to the third party, the person who filled it with a protection of individual information level enough for prior is selected. It supervises moreover ..appropriate.., and I note the safety control.
  3. Our company misses leaking, perishing or coming, lecturing on reasonable safety management measures and the corrective action to which risk, and trying indivi- dual information to secure safety.
  4. On the other hand, our company will respond without the delay when there is re- quests of indication, the correction, and the deletion, etc. about individual infor- mation that our company acquired from the person in question or are a complaint and a consultation, etc.
  5. Our company will reviewing continuously improve the protection of individual nformation management system.

Enact February 25, 2006 in day

Revise January I7, 2008 in day

Ryoun Logistics Inc.

President Susumu Ida

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Ryoun Logistics Inc.

telephone Ltd.: O3-3612-01ll(9:0OAM~5:30PM)

Homepage : http://www.ryoun-logistics.jp/

Handling of personal information

We treat personal information by the following way based on the above privacy policy.

1. Purposes of use of personal information
  • To offer attendant total service to moving transportation, related customer service and this.
  • For a customer to offer the service wished for through an estimate, a homepage and direct mail, etc. in relation to moving transportation.
  • Because we'll report information about our service to a customer.
  • Because we'll send a present for a customer.
  • To question about customer's opinion impressions.
  • Direct mail shipping off and a mail flight keep information in case of business.
  • For the making which is concerned statistical data free to consult.
  • Because the information for our staff, retiree and adoption applicant is employment, other people's affairs, labor management and adoption, etc..
  • To respond appropriately to an inquiry from a customer.
2. Management of personal information
A management responsibility person of personal information is established and its role is played clearly, and I maintain the environment so that a management responsibility person can behave about personal information protection appropriately. 。
3. Offer of personal information
Offering personal information to a third person except for the following case isn't done
  • When customer's consent is got
  • When it was requested by decrees.
  • When business is entrusted to our operation outsourcing destination. We follow the "trust of" personal information which is the next clause further and in this case.
4. Trust of personal information
We entrust of business the part to outside to offer good service by on the business operation and a customer. Personal information is entrusted to an operation outsourcing destination. I select the trust destination admitted to be treating personal information appropriately in this case, decide a matter necessary to leak prevention of customer's personal information by proper management of personal information and maintaining confidentiality in contract and make them manage appropriately.
5. The procedure by which personal information is elucidation and a renewal
When an offer of elucidation, correction and elimination was made from the customer person himself about the personal information we keep for a customer, we do elucidation, correction and elimination in the rational area. But, when judging to hinder the occasion with the fear that the other life of the customer and profit of the body and the goods and other things are hurt or our job performance remarkably, it isn't this limit. When decision is a decree, it corresponds appropriately based on a decree concerned.
6. Voluntariness of providing personal information and the result caused by not providing personal information
Providing personal information is voluntary. However, please note that some services (responding to an inquiry, employment application etc.) cannot be applied if personal information is not provided by a customer.
7. Publicity about elucidation target personal information
a) Our name: Ryoun Logistics Inc.
b) About a personal information protection administrator
A name: Suguru Okiyama.
     Belonging: General affairs department
     A phone number: Personal information protection inquiry counter 03-3612-0111
c) The use purpose of all elucidation target personal information
The use purpose of all elucidation target personal information is identical with "the use purpose of personal information" (the item of the above 1).
d) Proposal destination of a complaint about handling of elucidation target personal information
Please offer the next desk about a complaint about handling of elucidation target personal information.
【Personal information inquiry counter】  
     ・Reception time: 9:00-17:30 (a holiday and our holiday remove) on Friday from Monday
     ・Telephone number: 03-3612-0111
e) Proposal destination of the name of "authorization personal information protecting group" to which we belong and a complaint
JIPDEC Personal information protection complaint consultation room
   〒 105-0011 3-5-8, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Mechanical promotion association house
   phone:03-5776 - 1379 or 0120-700-779
f) Procedure according to the demand by which it's for elucidation
It's carried in "the procedure by which personal information is elucidation and a renewal, etc." (the item of the above 5) about procedure according to the demand by which elucidation target personal information is elucidation.