Message from President/Compan Info

代表取締役 田口 典彦

In the economic and social environment continue a dramatic change, The business environment surrounding each company will vary greatly, Logistics companies role and expectations should play has been growing more and Our Over the 40 years since its founding Always repeat the renewal and Reform, In response to all the logistics needs in order to adapt to changes in the market environment, Just as the last runner of a responsible industry that can deliver your sincerity not only carry things, we steadily walked. By making full use of the tangible and intangible know-how that has been cultivated from many years of experience and track record, and more will continue to strengthen the proposed force and operating force of logistics solutions type
To absorb and digest the new knowledge and ideas that is agnostic to the ready-made concept, We want continue to be economically provide logistics can be the best partner of a more high-quality service. Our goal is to become an all-round logistics company respected in all markets. With our progressive, service-oriented staff, we intend to keep our eyes firmly fixed on the future, focusing on finding ways in which we can contribute to the international community.