STIPULATION/Moving Service

Chapter 1 Provisions

Sphere of applicaion
Article 1
This stipulation applies the service to a case of chartered moving ,packing and the disposition of disuseditems.In case of the office-moving,we inform you that this stipulation does not apply beforehand,it is not applied.
The date of acceptance
Article 2
We decide the date of acceptance beforehand and put it on our counter./dd>
  1. In case that we change the date of acceptance,we put it on our branch office or other offices. 

Chapter 2 Estimation

Article 3
We make a trial calculation(estimation) as to the cost or freight(freight etc.)needed for the service of moving
  1. When we do estimate,we publish an estimate sheet mentioned followings
    1. The name, address and telephone number of appliant
    2. The name, address and telephone number of consignee
    3. The date of receiving and delivering
    4. The address of loading and unloading and the telephone number
    5. The details of the sum of freight etc and the payment
    6. The cancellation fee
    7. The name,permission NO,address,telephon number the name of expositer
    8. The name of consignor and consignee
    9. Other necessary subject for estimation
  2. We describe each content such as freight in accordance with loading and packing of the 3rd and 4th description.
  3. Estimation if free,but in case that the preliminary inspection is needed,we can demand the cost.We inform you of the cost and ask for your consent before we do the inspection.
  4. We do not demand you the account(except for the cost of preliminary inspection)
  5. We do show this stipulation at estimation to appliant.
  6. We take confirmation whether there are some change in the estimation sheet,2 days before the loading

Chapter 3 Acceptance of Transportation

Registance of Acceptance
Article 4
We can regist the acceptance of transportation coming under one of followings.
    1. When the application of transportation does not apply to this stipulation.
    2. When we can not secure the traders who have eqipment suited to transportation.
    3. When we are ordered special burden about transportation by the appliant.
    4. When the transportation is against regulations and public discipline.
    5. When we are hitted by the natural disaster.
  1. We regist to transport followins items.
    1. Handy valuable articles such as Cash,securities,jewls,bank book,cash-card,seal
    2. Dangerous items which cause damage other items like gunpowder.
    3. Items needed special control such as plants and animals,piano and articles.
    4. Items which appliant does not inform us of the kaind and character of the items or appliant does not give us permission to examine it.
Connected transportation
Article 5
here are some possibilities to transport using or connecting other agencies as much as we do not harm to the profit of consignor.

Chapter 4 Receiving the baggage(the date of receiving baggage)

Article 6
We receive the baggage at the day wrriten in estimation sheet.
Article 7
Consignor has to do packing in accordance with the volume,weight,character and the transporting distance.
  1. n case that the packing is not proper one,we demand the necessary packing or we do packing on consignor's burden.
  2. In spite of the above articles,we do packing in accordance with consignor's order.
Confirmation of the kind and character
Article 8
We request you to report the items(written as 4-2)which we have to transport carefully)valuable articles(excluding itmes as 4-2.4-3) fragile items(including electricities such as P.C same as 24-2) perishable or changable items when we reveice the items.
  1. We can inspect with you when it is doubtful if consignor has told us about aboves.
  2. We claim damages if there are no differences between the inspection and your report as to the kind or character of the items when we inspect.
  3. The consignor will owe the cost of inspection in case there are some differences between the kind or character of inspection and your report.

Chapter 5 Delivering the items

Date of delivering
Article 9
We deliver you goods at date noticed by estimation.We inform you of that when we accept.
The measure that consignee is absent
Article 10
We need name,address and telephone number of alternate person who take you goods instead of you when you are away.
  1. We deliver your goods to alternate person when you are away at the date of deliver.
In case that unable to deliver
Article 11
We need your instruction when consignee or alternate person is unknown,or regused to take back or impossible to accept by any reason.
  1. The cost we need to dispose by your instruction will owe you.
Disposal of goods unable taken over
Article 12
We put the goods up to auction of give away when there are no instructions for long time.
  1. We notify you without delay when we dispose your goods.
  2. The cost when we do 12-1 will owe you.
  3. The price we get from the auction(12-1) will be put to the expense we do so.If there is not enough,you will owe to pay the rest.If there is redundanve ,we will pay it to you.

Chapter 6 Directions

Article 13
Consignor can instruct us of stopping,sending back,transferring and disposing of goods.
  1. The right of 13-1 will be deprived when we take over goods to consignor.
When you refuse instruction
Article 14
We refuse instruction when it will cause trouble.
  1. We notify you without delay when we refuse your instrucions.

Chapter 7 Accidents

If accident happens
Article 15
We notice you without delay when we find damage of whole goods.
  1. We need you instrution how to disporse it when we find damge whole or part or there will be delay.
  2. We will do proper way when there are no instructions of no time to wait in case of 15-2.
  3. We notice you without delay in case of 15-3.
  4. We refuse your instruction when there are no fear of causing trouble in spite of the case of 15-2.
  5. We notice you without delay in case of 15-5.
  6. We continue to transport even if we find the damage,and we will move it to you without delay.
Disposing danger
Article 16
We dispose goods when it will cause trouble or damage.
  1. The expense to dispose will owe you.。
  2. We notice you without delay in case of 16-1.
Accident certificate issue
Article 17
We issue accident cerficate by one year when you request if there is damage,loss or delay.

Chapter 8 Freight,etc

Trucking fee and price
Article 18
We receive the fare reported to the minister of transportation.
  1. The freight reported is shown at the office.
  2. Additional services are no includes to the fare
Accordance of fare
Article 19
We accpet the fare by the way noticed at quotation.
  1. We claim you based on a quotation noticed as followings.
  2. We change the price noticed after other services are added.
  3. When there will change the service and freight will also change,we do the remark based on followings.
    1. In case that the actual sum of the cost is less than the cost written in estimate sheet,we amend the actual cost.
    2. In case that the actual sum of the cost is more than the sum of the cost written in estimate sheet,we amend the contents and price limited to the reason to change is of consignor's responsibility. In case of that,we apply from article2 to aboves corresopondingly.
  4. Article 20 We receive the cost if we disposed useless godds,and receive also the cost for the additional service by 13-1.
Accident and freight
Article 20
We receive the cost in case that we continue to transport if there is delay,or items-lost.
  1. hen we dispose the useless goods by15-2,15-3 we receive the cost limited that the accident is occured by consignor's responsibility or the character of items.
  2. We receive the cost in case that we continue to transport if there is delay,or items-lost.
  3. We receive the cost for additional service which have been also done if the items-lost will be occured limited by the consignor's responsibility.
  4. We pay back the costr if there are some surplus after receiving the cost
Charge of cancellation and postponement
Article 21
We ask you for charge o f cancellation and postponement only in case that the responsibility of cancellationor postponement is up to you and you mention us to cancel or posponent one day before the date of quotation.。
  1. The charge of cancellation and postponement are followings.
    1. If you instruct to cancel or postpone a day before quotation
      10% of the freight mentioned in quotation
    2. If you instruct to cancel or postpone at the date of move
      20% of the freight mentioned in quotation

Chapter 9 Responsibility

Responsibility and proof etc,
Article 22
We take the responsibility of compensation for damages and quickly make reparation except for that you prove you are not fault. 。
Escape clause
Article 23
We do not take responsibility of compensation for damages about following cases.
    1. Defect of goods and natural consumption
    2. Outbreak of a fire caused by items' characters,explosion,mold,decompostition,stuffness, discoloration and rust
    3. Strike or slowdown and other accidents such as robberies
    4. Inevitable fire
    5. Unspectable traffic jam
    6. Natural disaster such as earthquake,tunami,fllod,storm,landslip and landslide.
    7. Suspension,opening,confiscation,attachment of transfering to third party by public rule.
    8. Fault of consignee and consignor
Regulations as to limitance of taking over itmes
Article 24
We take responsibility of damage,loss or delay limited we know the characters of items when we take over the items.
  1. We do not take responsibility of the compensation for damafes if you have not reported us the possibilities of loss,damages delay as to valuable articles,fragile items,changable or perishable items.
The price of compensation
Article 25
Our responsibility as to lost or damage of items is disappeared in 3months after we deliver them
  1. Above-mentioned is not applied if we know the damage we deliver it. 
Special reasons of disappearing responsibility
Article 26
We claim the damages occured by loss and damage of items.。
  1. We do the compensation for damaged caused by delay as followings.
    1. When we do not receive your items at the date mentioned in quotation,we do pay the compensation for damages in range of the cost for transport about delay of receiving. 。
    2. When we do not deliver your items at the date mentioned in quotation,We do pay the compensation for damages in range of the cost for transport about delay of delivering.
    3. When above 1and 2 is occcured at the same time, we do pay the compensation for damages in range of the cost for transport about receiving and delivering delay.
  2. n spite of above mentioned,we owe the compensation for damages when there occured delay of receiving and delivering by our fault.
limitance of time
Article 27
Our responsibility for loss or damages of items will be disappeared in 1 year after consignor received the items.
  1. The term of above mentioned is calculated by the date of delivering in estimation sheet.  327-2 does not apply to when we know the damage and do not let you know it.
Responsibility of connectin or using transport
Article 28
We take responsibility of connecting transport or using transport by this stipulation. 
Compensation for damages of consignee or consigno
Article 29
Consignor or consignee has to take the responsibility as to our damages occured by the character of items.It is not limited as above mentioned.However if consignor or consignee does not know the character,damages or we do no know it,it is not limited as above mentioned.